Our Mission

Suriname 100% Carbon Neutral.

An ambitious regenerative agroforestry project.

The Mission.

Planting +111.000.000 trees on 185.000 hectare of abandoned former forestland.


  • Restore degraded land
  • Compensate emissions of 600.000 inhabitants
  • Develop local communities
  • Strengthen Suriname's unique carbon negative status



100% compensation is within reach.

Suriname’s average CO2 emissions per capita have increased by 3.1 metric tons in the year 2000, to an average of 4.56 metric tons in the year 2021. The expected increase in GDP in combination with a slight population growth will contribute to higher average emissions per capita in the future. Doycker is well advanced to invest in a plantation in Suriname for the production of sustainable raw materials for advanced biofuels, proteins, and biochemicals. The intended plantation of at least 5,000 hectares will eventually indirectly compensate emissions of 16,300 Surinamese through the absorption of C02 by the trees.

Doycker has investigated the potential to achieve 100% CO2 compensation for the average CO2 emissions of all 600,000 inhabitants, and is now planning to launch the Suriname 100% Carbon Neutral Project in collaboration with the Surinamese government.

The goal is to capture 2,760,000 metric tons of CO2 on an annual basis through the planting and management of +/ 111,000,000 trees on a total of 185.000 hectare of abandoned former forestlands.

More will be announced soon.

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