Business Development

We strive to create long-term value for our clients by actively working with customers, developing market positions, and building relationships. Our expert consultants gain extensive insights into our clients’ business in order to develop tailored solutions. We conduct a thorough market research to further discover the target market. We are experienced with setting up and managing strategic relationships and cooperation with other third-party organizations.

Commercial Agency

Our organization operates on our clients’ behalf as commercial agent, in which our consultants provide intermediary services in arranging contracts to be constructed by the client with third-party organizations. Our consultants actively explore opportunities, establish initial contact, manage negotiations and provide further support to ensure a sustainable collaboration.

Representative Office

Organizations whose ambition it is to explore opportunities abroad and that wish to stay close to potential customers benefit from a local presence. Our consultants act as knowledgeable representatives for our international clients. We conduct marketing and other non-transactional operations, and ensure a constant connection with the head office or regional offices.


Our expertise in business development and supporting organizations with realizing growth, enables us to recognize growth opportunities at an early stage and help translating this into an investment value proposition. We support our clients with raising funds required to finance product development and activities supporting further growth.